Salvaged Speculation – New Haven

Find all 3 locations around New Haven, CT.


• At each location, you’ll be asked to use a QR code that will bring you to questions meant to initiate reflection about refuse and our relationships to it. You’ll ponder time!

• Permanence! And other concepts as well. You’ll then be asked to submit a photo, a poem, a drawing, whatever you choose reflecting on those guiding questions. You are invited to reflect about trash.

• Refuse will be your invitation to stretch into time, permanence, the future, and go wherever you wish. 


1. For the location of the compost at Common Ground (coordinates 41.339318, -72.959088) :

  • Hot peels: a vehicle for new life from decay. 

2. For the location of the main branch library (coordinates 41.308919, -72.924955)

  • Lending land for words on hand

3. For the location of lower forms (coordinates 41.325963, -72.959535) 

  • Reuse, renew, recycle ….. what you wear!

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