Party Line – Darien, Easton, + Fairfield

An interactive collaboration, Party Line, is crafted from three different <S> arenas – sound, social commentary, and sculpture, in three different locations.

Party Line Team: Jeff Becker, Ellen Hackl Fagan, & Jo Yarrington

Video: Structural Imbalance

• The <S> in the Darien location began the narrative. Can you find it? 
• Find the acoustic phones (tin cans) in each location and their corresponding QR codes. 
• In Easton, find the Brutalist bluestone sculpture by the road behind the chicken wire to engage in the Party Line conversation.
• Come to Fairfield University and follow the coordinates to the hallway on the ground floor (down the ramp) to be part of an exhibition of crowd-sourced pamphlet books in response to the letter <S>.
• Find the notebook in each location to tell us your <S>s in response to the immediate environment/site.

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