Forever Now – Hamden

Our artworks,* sited on land that delivers clean water to New Haven, point to the vital role of water in nature’s cycle. They consist of two opposing materials — kozo fiber nets which derive from the paper mulberry bush, and plastic nets manufactured by the chemical industry.  Through the action of water and other natural elements, the kozo fiber will break down to enrich the soil, but not the plastic, which will remain “forever now” as an environmental pollutant.

*Please note that our fence installation, originally located next to the former Eli Whitney factory, is now located adjacent to the pipe (Historic Artifact.

Jennifer Davies + Meg Bloom

Forever Now

Fence installation and Pipe (Historic Artifact)


• Driving down Whitney Avenue, come close but don’t step over the Hamden New Haven line.

• From Whitney entrance look up and see a silver spaceship. From Edgehill entrance look down and see a silver tube.

• Some paths go nowhere, some curve around the pond, some lead to the goal, but all are lovely.

• Arrive at the fence installation and “Historic Artifact” the now poop-free pipe!

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